- Consultancy in the selection of suitable test systems and testing tools.

- Project management.

- Support and Training.

Application test systems:

- Specification, building, setting up and operation of HiL test systems.

- Service and Upgrading of test systems.

Software engineering:

- Software development in C, Matlab and Python

- Modelling and Simulation in Simulink and Stateflow

- Restbussimulation and test bed automation in CANAlyzer/CANoe and CAPL

I provide knowhow in the following tools:

HiL operation, test automation: ControlDesk, AutomationsDesk, PROVEtech:TA.

Application tools: INCA.

Diagnosis tools: EDIABAS, Diagra.

Simulation: Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow, Dymola

HiL Platform: dSPACE, xPC-Target.